Sunday, October 23, 2005


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Dallas COWBOYS at Seattle SEAHAWKS, 1:05p

I'm hoping to be back in Virginia Beach for this one, but I totally forgot football was on Sunday when I agreed to go to Busch Gardens with the rest of my work group, so fiddlesticks there.

It's the 4-2 Cowboys against the 4-2 Seahawks. Dallas most likely won't have Julius Jones as of me typing this, nor will they have Flozell Adams from their offensive line. Normally this would be good, but it probably just means Dallas and Drew Bledsoe throw the ball more. I'm a bit afraid of Dallas' receivers matched up against Seattle's secondary, now weakened even more with Ken Hamlin's travails and recovery. But hey, the Seahawks can just feed Shaun Alexander too, hopefully.

Yes, the Seahawks aren't just trying to avenge the Monday Night 43-39 loss from last year, Drew Bledsoe also hung that 38-9 butt-whuppin' at Qwest Field last year as well as a member of the Buffalo Bills.

Vent forth, Seahawk fans...

...and sorry I had the time messed up at first. Blame the east coast for that.

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