Thursday, April 19, 2007


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Minnesota TWINS (9-5, 3-1 road) at Seattle MARINERS (5-5, 4-4 home), 3:35p, FSNNW/MLB.tv
Johan Santana (2-1) vs. Jarrod Washburn (0-1)

I seriously thought about pulling the normal ballpark picture that I put on these gameday posts and just getting some random picture of a broom, because that's where this is all going. If there was any one game the Mariners were going to win in this series, it was going to be the game where Felix Hernandez was the starter. If there was going to be one Mariner win in this series, it wasn't going to be with their fifth starter (Jeff Weaver) on the mound, and it sure as hell wasn't going to be the game with Johan Santana throwing for the Twins.

Weirder things have happened in the baseball world than the Mariners possibly beating Santana, sure. Then again, we never in our worst nightmares saw Felix Hernandez walking off the mound while facing his fifth batter in the first inning, did we?

For those who only follow baseball and aren't too keen on rooting for teams in other sports, it's moments like Felix walking off the mound last night that I'm glad I follow other sports. If not for the Canucks having the chance to close out their first-round series against Dallas tonight, this Felix thing would have me absolutely bummed. If all I had to look forward to today was a ballgame the day after one of the top five worst moments in recent Mariner history, I'd be a bit of a wreck right now. Go Canucks Go!

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