Sunday, September 17, 2006


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Arizona CARDINALS at Seattle SEAHAWKS, 1p (Fox)

Do the Seahawks need to come out of this game 2-0? Of course.

Will Deion Branch play? No. He'll get another week to condition and study the playbook.

Does the offensive line need to play better? Oh yeah.

Does the offense as a whole need to play better? Definitely.

Did the Cardinals put up a ton of numbers in Week 1? Yes.

Did they do it against the 49ers' defense? Yes.

Will the Cardinals be facing the San Francisco defense in this game? No.

Last week the Cardinals didn't have 67000 crazy Seahawk fans in their ears on every offensive snap either.

Everyone going to the Q today, you know what to do.

Hoarse throats at work or school on Monday, everybody.

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