Thursday, December 29, 2005


I actually had most of the material for this post written down on a piece of paper, and it's just kind of sat there for a month or two. I came across it again in my backpack yesterday, and here I am posting it.

By memory and a couple of quick checks to everyone's good friend, BaseballReference.com, I hastily drew up a Mariners all-time team. Basically, not only did I take, say, the best player at one position. For example, I'd want the 2001 version of Bret Boone, not the 2005 version. Also, now that I just thought of it, I can't take two versions of the same player, as I'd be tempted to do with a 1996 and a 2000 version of Alex Rodriguez.

As I've said, this was hastily drawn up, so if you bust me for leaving out a Tino Martinez or a Julio Mateo (I pretty much went with setup men and left out all long relief), that's cool. Bust me for putting two first basemen on the bench, it's cool. I've also thrown in the one mediocre season of Adrian Beltre since he was the best third baseman in Mariner history the moment he was signed; hopefully this is proven even more next year. The season I picked for John Halama is the one where he started 30 games, and I put him in the bullpen. There also might not be enough lefthandedness in the lineup. Yes, I'm preparing for the venom of our commenters since I put Randy Winn on there instead of Butch Huskey. Also, I've realized that I've left off anyone before 1995, so I guess maybe I should have done this for that tenth-anniversary of the 1995 thing, but I don't like to mention it too much since Rick Rizzs takes care of that with every fifth word out of his mouth.

Did I mention it's a 25-man roster? My apologies to Mike Hargrove, since I didn't take 12 pitchers. Eleven does it for me.

[reader suggestions inserted Sat ~7:52p]

RF L Ichiro 2001
SS R Alex Rodriguez 1996
CF L Ken Griffey, Jr. 1997
2B R Bret Boone 2001
DH R Edgar Martinez 1997
1B R Richie Sexson 2005
LF S Randy Winn 2003
3B R Adrian Beltre 2005
C R Dan Wilson 1996

RF R Jay Buhner 1997
OF S Stan Javier 2001
UT S Mark McLemore 2001
1B L John Olerud 2001
1B L Alvin Davis 1984

SP L Randy Johnson 1997
SP R Erik Hanson 1990
SP L Jamie Moyer 2001
SP R Freddy Garcia 2001
SP L Mark Langston 1987

RP L John Halama 2000
RP L Arthur Rhodes 2001
RP R Bill Risley 1995
RP R Jeff Nelson 2001
CL R Kazuhiro Sasaki 2001
CL L Eddie Guardado 2005

I should note that it's the first time this winter that I've tried to use something that's actually Mariner-related to distract me from the current Mariners' abhorrent offseason.


[My selections that I bumped off and replaced with the reader suggestions...
1B L Paul Sorrento 1996
SP L Jeff Fassero 1997
SP R Andy Benes 1995]

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