Sunday, October 05, 2014


Sigh, what a season it was. Here are the final versions of the charts I was keeping throughout this dandy of an 87-75 season.

The pitching chart tracked each pitcher's number of pitches thrown, batters faced, and outs recorded. The end of the chart shows ratios for outs per 100 pitches, pitches per batter faced, and pitches per out recorded.

The hitting chart tracked each hitter's number of pitches thrown to them, and the number of plate appearances. The end of the chart shows the total number of pitches thrown to them, the total number of plate appearances, and the average number of pitches per plate appearance.

The runs chart is probably something for which I should have another name. It's the schedule laid out vertically, with bars of various length representing the number of runs the Mariners scored or allowed.

The runs scored and runs allowed charts tracked how many times the Mariners scored a certain amount of runs. Mean and median runs are indicated as well.

The margin of outcome charts tracked how many times the Mariners won or lost by a certain amount of runs. Again, mean and median are indicated.

Soon, Mariners fans. Soon.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I guess I've come up with an excuse to post something.

Those following me on the Twitter have seen me post these charts about a half hour to an hour (that's the hope, anyway) after every Mariners game.

One chart deals with the pitchers and keeps track of their pitch count, number of batters faced, and outs recorded. Mostly my impetus for the pitching chart when I first did it last year was to have a quick graphical representation of how rested the bullpen arms were. Basically I like to use it as a proxy for knowing which bullpen arms are most likely to appear on a given night. Also tabulated are outs per 100 pitches (for the starters), pitches per batter, and pitches per out.

Another chart deals with the hitters and keeps track of the number of pitches they see and their plate appearances. That chart also tabulates pitches per plate appearance.

A third chart shows the runs scored and runs allowed by the Mariners over the schedule to date.  Again, I mostly do it for the quick graphical representation of, for example, "hey, there's a bunch of long red bars to signify when the Mariners gave up a bunch of runs in that stretch of games."

A fourth chart (or set of charts) shows the amount of occurrences in which the Mariners scored and allowed a certain number of runs.

A fifth chart shows the amount of occurrences in which the Mariners won or lost by a certain margin.

No, I absolutely do not expect the Mariners to sneak their way into the postseason. I just don't think the offense has as much room to improve as the pitching does to decline. I don't think they'll be able to outhit any slumps by the pitching staff, etc.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014


I finally decided I should have a single place to put these before I end up with a bunch of them. I transferred the idea a bit from a similar element I put on the Canucks full-season charts I construct. On those charts, I show the Canucks' goals-assists-points numbers, but I had no direct reference to the magnitude of win or loss. Transferring that idea over to Mariners charts, I couldn't think of a good way to have the score bars on the same chart with the pitching and hitting charts, so the scores here get their own chart. I know Baseball Reference has the little run differential chart on its team schedule pages, and obviously I wasn't going to rip that off. Having both the runs scored and runs allowed, however, gives you an idea of how crappy the Mariners offense has been, and you can pick out the peaks and valleys in terms of the Mariners' offense and the Mariners' pitching.

Anywhere, I have to link these before I forget where they are in my Imgur account...
[edit 5 Oct 2014, 10:35p - added 2014 chart]

2009 Mariners runs
2010 Mariners runs
2011 Mariners runs
2012 Mariners runs
2013 Mariners runs
2014 Mariners runs

Follow me on Twitter @dsportsandbrems where I normally have the current 2014 chart posted about an hourish after every game if I'm really on it.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So I saw this and thought a Mariners version absolutely had to be done. Wyatt Arndt and J. Bowman's Canucks-related version of the scavenger hunt had 48 items for 48 games. Can we list 162 items for 162 games before the season starts? I'll try. I'll take suggestions. I'll update this as I come up with more stuff.  I don't think this list will be static until we have the Opening Day roster.  These all pertain to things you would see on Mariners broadcasts (typically these will be via Root Sports) or on the field.

(*thanks to old blogmate Jeremy)
(**Jon Shields informed me that Major League Baseball has now banned this move)
(***thanks to longtime reader Paul)
(****thanks to Josh)

Dustin Ackley
1) Ackley plays a position other than second base or DH

2) Ackley bats leadoff

3) Three or more extra-base hits in a game for Ackley

Robert Andino
4) Robert Andino triple
[unaccomplished, DFA'd on May 24th]

5) Andino multi-hit game
[accomplished April 18th vs. Detroit; he went 2-for-3]

6) Andino multi-steal game
[unaccomplished, DFA'd on May 24th]

Jason Bay
7) Jason Bay multi-hit game
[accomplished April 13th vs. Texas]

8) Bay multi-homer game

9) Bay makes a start in centerfield

10) Root crew tells us anything specific about Trail, BC
[April 5th at Chicago -- mentions of the climate while Bay was trying to play ball in high school may qualify for this]

Blake Beavan
11) Blake Beavan throws eight innings in a start

12) Beavan scoreless outing of seven innings or longer

13) Beavan gives up a grand slam

14) Beavan gives up multiple home runs in an inning
[happened April 5th at Chicago]

15) Opposing team bats around on Beavan

16) Root crew uses a nickname for Beavan

Carter Capps
17) Carter Capps strikes out the side

18) Capps hits two batters in the same inning

Endy Chavez
19) Endy Chavez home run
[accomplished May 20th at Cleveland, go-ahead home run in top of 9th]

20) Chavez multi-hit game
[accomplished April 18th vs. Detroit; he went 2-for-3]

Charlie Furbush
21) Charlie Furbush three-inning relief appearance
[accomplished May 22nd in Anaheim, threw 4th/5th/6th and held a 7-0 deficit]

22) Furbush spikes two pitches to the backstop in the same inning

Franklin Gutierrez
23) Franklin Gutierrez gets multiple extra-base hits in a game
[accomplished April 5th at Chicago]

24) Gutierrez multi-steal game

25) Trainers attend to Gutierrez on the field
[sadly, this occurred on April 22nd at Houston, the 21st game of the season]

Felix Hernandez
26) Felix Hernandez 15-strikeout game

27) Felix strikes out 20 or more in a game

28) Felix takes a no-hitter into the 8th

29) Felix takes a perfect game into the 7th

30) Felix doesn't make it past the 4th

31) Octopus: Felix gives up 8 earned runs or more

32) Root goes to the behind-the-plate camera when Felix has two strikes on a hitter (NOTE: I absolutely abhor when they do this)

33) Multiple home runs off Felix in the same inning

Raul Ibanez
34) Raul Ibanez enters the game as a defensive replacement***

35) Ibanez pinch-hit home run

Hisashi Iwakuma
36) Hisashi Iwakuma complete game

Brandon Maurer
37) Brandon Maurer scoreless outing of seven innings or longer

Jesus Montero
38) Jesus Montero guns down a runner at second base
[I can't immediately find it, but there was a game where the runner tripped on his way to second and Montero threw him out]

39) Montero guns down a runner at third base

40) Montero holds onto the ball after a collision at the plate

41) Mariners player gets into the boxscore while wearing a number higher than Montero's 63

42) Montero steals a base*

43) Montero triples****
[accomplished May 1st vs. Baltimore]

44) Montero scores from second base with less than two out
[accomplished April 14th vs. Texas, with one out]

45) Montero scores from first base on a play not involving a home run

Kendrys Morales
46) Kendrys Morales either hits for the cycle or finishes a triple short
[on April 7th at Chicago, Morales was a triple short of the cycle in a 10-inning game. All his plate appearances were in the first nine innings]

47) Morales homers from both sides of the plate in a game

48) Morales grand slam

Michael Morse
49) Michael Morse grand slam

50) Morse multi-homer game
[accomplished April 2nd at Oakland]

51) Morse three-homer game

52) Multiple-error game for Morse

53) Morse fields a position on the left side of the infield at any point

54) Dave Sims gives some stupid nickname to Morse's home runs
[if Twitter counts, Sims on April 2nd after the game referred to Morse Code Bombs]

Stephen Pryor
55) Pryor strikes out the side

56) Stephen Pryor hits two batters in the same inning

Brendan Ryan
57) Brendan Ryan grand slam

58) Ryan multi-homer game

59) Ryan multi-hit game
[accomplished April 5th at Chicago]

60) Ryan error results in runs scoring (we can tweak this to mean "in the same inning" or "on the same play")
[April 17th vs. Detroit -- Ryan committed an error to put the leadoff hitter aboard in the top of the 5th. Two hitters later, that runner scored from third on a double-play ball]

Joe Saunders
61) Joe Saunders scoreless outing of seven innings or longer
[on April 13th vs. Texas, Joe Saunders threw seven innings and left the game with a 1-1 score, though the one run was unearned due to a Brendan Ryan error]

62) Joe Saunders records double-digit strikeouts in a game

Michael Saunders
63) Michael Saunders gets multiple extra-base hits in a game
[accomplished May 4th in Toronto; one double and two home runs]

64) Michael Saunders multi-steal game
[accomplished April 2nd at Oakland, stole two bases]

65) Root crew tells us anything specific about Victoria, BC

Kyle Seager
66) Kyle Seager three-homer game

Kelly Shoppach
67) Kelly Shoppach grand slam

68) Shoppach multi-homer game

69) Shoppach triple

70) Shoppach steals a base

71) Shoppach guns down a runner at second base
[accomplished April 10th vs. Houston]

72) Shoppach guns down a runner at third base

73) Shoppach holds onto the ball after a collision at the plate

Justin Smoak
74) Justin Smoak homers from both sides of the plate

75) Smoak game-winning homer (in the Mariners' final inning at bat)*

76) Smoak strikes out twice righthanded *and* twice lefthanded

Tom Wilhelmsen
77) Tom Wilhelmsen records consecutive saves that are both 1-2-3 innings
[run of four straight 1-2-3 saves -- April 8th vs. Houston, April 12th and 14th vs. Texas, and April 18th vs. Detroit]

78) Wilhelmsen allows a grand slam

79) Wilhelmsen fails to record an out

80) Pitcher picks off a runner at any base other than first

81) Mariner pitcher hits a home run

82) Mariner position player pitches

83) Mariner starting pitcher fails to get through the first inning
[April 9th -- Brandon Maurer, 2/3 inning vs. Houston]

84) Mariner pitcher surrenders bases-loaded walk
[April 16th vs. Detroit, done by Bobby LaFromboise]

85) Any Mariner pitcher picks off multiple runners in a game

86) Complete-game shutout by any Mariner

87) Erik Bedard takes the loss in a Mariner win

88) Former Mariner records a save against the Mariners****

89) Wabash Cannonball: Mariners fall behind by 15 runs in a game

90) Either team throws a no-hitter

Pitcher tries the fake-to-third-then-throw-to-first move and manages to hang up the baserunner (I seem to remember Sean Green pulling this off a few years ago)**

91) Same player "loses the handle" on his bat multiple times during a game, flinging it into the crowd ...

92) Home run toward leftfield corner ends up spilling someone's drink or food at Edgar's

93) Mariner hitter homers using a pink bat
[Jason Bay against Oakland on Mother's Day, May 12]

94) Mariner hitter pop-bunts into a double play

95) Mariners hit into four or more double plays in a game
[happened April 25th vs. Angels]

96) Mariners hit into triple play

97) Save some runs for tomorrow: Mariners take a lead of 15 runs at any point

98) Mariners homer is overturned via video review

99) Mariners extra-base hit overturned into home run after video review

100) Mariners home run off a foul pole (fair pole, whatever)

101) Mariner hitter works a bases-loaded walk
[accomplished by Justin Smoak, April 2nd at Oakland]

102) Mariner hitter hits inside-the-park home run

103) Mariners successfully execute a suicide squeeze bunt
[placeholder - I'll note that in the April 11th game against Texas, Brendan Ryan may have successfully executed the squeeze bunt, but Endy Chavez was tagged out on a very close play. Depending on whether "successfully" has to mean the runner scored, this may have met the requirement for Item 103.]

104) Mariners suicide squeeze bunt pushes across go-ahead run

105) Mariner hitters combine for a home-run cycle (solo shot, 2-run, 3-run, and grand slam)

106) Mariners leadoff home run (first inning)
[accomplished by Franklin Gutierrez, April 3rd at Oakland and April 5th at Chicago]

107) Mariner hitter rings ball off the Hit It Here Cafe

108) Mariners beat Astros by ten or more runs

109) Mariners score double-digit runs against the Yankees
[accomplished May 15th at Yankee Stadium, 12 runs]

110) Golden sombrero: Mariner hitter strikes out four times in a nine-inning game
[accomplished April 7th at Comiskey (Morse)]

111) Someone other than Gutierrez or Saunders bats leadoff
[April 12 vs. Texas -- lineup card submitted with Endy Chavez hitting leadoff]

112) Mariner hitter fouls ball off himself and either falls to the ground or has to walk it off

113) Two players on the same team hit two or more homers apiece in one game****

114) Any player homers twice in the same inning****

115) Yuniesky Betancourt gets a base hit at Safeco Field****

116) Ground-rule double after ball lodges itself in the tarp at Safeco Field

117) Mariners turn four or more double plays in a game

118) Mariners turn triple play

119) Rundown play where four or more fielders touch the ball

120) Ball bounces off an outfielder and over the wall for a home run (Canseco style)****

121) Mariner fielder turns unassisted double play

122) Mariner fielder turns unassisted triple play

123) Mariners win on walk-off sacrifice fly

124) Mariners win on walk-off walk

125) Either team wins on walk-off balk

126) Walk-off hit by a former Mariner****

127) Any reference to "man sauce" (it's a reference related to hot wings, people) on the Root broadcast. Usually this requires Rick Rizzs and Jay Buhner or Dan Wilson, which would usually mean Dave Sims has another gig that day.

128) Any mention is made of an upcoming arena for the Sonics

129) Mike Blowers makes any reference to Spanaway

130) Jay Buhner says something ill about the teal jerseys

131) They tell the story of the cow in Lou Piniella's office in Peoria

132) Hitter strikes out, then pitch tracker graphic accidentally shows zero pitches having been thrown (no dots in the box)

133) Root runs a replay too long and misses a pitch

134) Root runs a replay too long and misses a ball in play

135) Any part of a dance routine by the groundskeepers gets onto the Root broadcast (no, I'm not a fan; it rips off the Yankees)

136) Mariners Junior Broadcaster inadvertently says his/her favorite Mariner is Ichiro

137) Fan spills a beer, captured by Root (I decided "spills beer on camera" might imply that a camera needed beer to physically be spilled upon it)
[April 10th vs. Astros -- fan catches foul ball with his beer cup, then chugs it without removing the ball. I decided to count this as meeting the criteria for Item 137]

138) Root shows a ceremonial first pitch that reaches the backstop

139) Fan-made sign containing mild innuendo makes it onto the Root broadcast

140) The phrase "butcher boy" is used (this will result in me throwing something across the room)

141) Wayward profanity is caught by one of the on-field microphones and is audible on the Root broadcast

142) Root airs rain-delay programming not involving baseball, football, basketball, hockey, or soccer

143) Root adds someone new to their on-air staff (Aaron Goldsmith would not count)

144) A mention of "that wouldn't have been a homer last year"

145) Mike Blowers is correct on a home run prediction****
[this may have happened with one of the Smoak homers in Cleveland]

146) San Pedro de Macoris is mentioned

147) A baserunner passes another baserunner

148) Rain delay occurs at Safeco Field: roof has a mechanical failure and is stuck open

149) Ball in play hit by either team takes a wayward bounce off any of the three bags or the pitcher's rubber

150) Ball in play hits a baserunner

151) Ball in play hits the pitcher, but the play results in an out or outs

152) Fan at Safeco Field interferes with a Mariner fielder trying to catch a ball in play (no, I don't actually want this to happen)

153) Power outage occurs at Safeco Field, delaying the game

154) Player gets traded during the game

155) Game is scoreless heading into extra innings

156) Mariner player wearing a rally cap

157) Mariner Moose falls

158) New Safeco Field LED video board malfunctions

159) Mariners player featured in a Mariners commercial is off the roster before the end of the season

160) Mariners have a double-digit winning streak****

161) Mariners have a double-digit losing streak****

162) Mariners complete a series sweep of three or more games against a team above .500

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Friday, April 06, 2012


The Mariners open up stateside tonight.  One thing I find unbearable about the Mariners' radio broadcasts are the nicknames that Rick Rizzs chooses for the players.  Usually he just adds a -y suffix, which is incredibly lazy and quite frankly I think it emasculates the players (a bit) rather than make for a playful nickname.  Basically I heard a radio broadcast and heard way too much of Miggy and Figgy during the game and wanted to put a fist through my radio.  Really, this goes back quite a ways since I remember being pissed off over names like Cammy and Nelly and Shiggy. 

Anyway, here's the roster for the second opening night, in crappy Rizzs-like nickname format.  I made up most of these in the "spirit" of Rizzs nicknames, but the ones Rizzs actually uses are noted. 

Blake Beavan - Blakey, Beavey
Steve Delabar - Stevie, Delly, Barry
Felix Hernandez - King (consensus), Kingy, Licksy, Herny, Dezy
Hisashi Iwakuma - Hisashiy, Koomy
Brandon League - Brandy, Leaguey
Lucas Luetge - Lukey (confusing if used due to Lueke), Luetgey
Kevin Millwood - Kevy, Milly, Woody
Hector Noesi - Hecty, Noesiy
Erasmo Ramirez - Erasmy, Rammy, Rezzie
George Sherrill - Georgy, Sherry
Jason Vargas - Jasey, Vargy
Tom Wilhelmsen - Tommy, Willy, Helmy
John Jaso - Johnny, Jasey, Jasoy
Jesus Montero - Jesusy, Zeusy, Monty
Miguel Olivo - Miggy (Rizzs staple), Miguely, Oly, Olivoy
Dustin Ackley - Dusty, Ackleyy
Chone Figgins - Choney, Figgy (Rizzs staple)
Munenori Kawasaki - Mooney (Rizzs is using this), Munenoriy, Kowy, Kawasakiy, Saky/Saki
Alex Liddi - Alexy, Lexy, Liddiy
Brendan Ryan - Brendy, Ryany
Kyle Seager - Kylie, Seagy, Seagery
Justin Smoak - Justiny, Smoaky (Rizzs might occasionally use this one)
Michael Saunders - Mikey, Saundy, Saundersy
Ichiro Suzuki - Ichi (Rizzs staple), Suzy, Suzuki, Zooky
Casper Wells - Caspy, Spury, Wellsy

Ugh.  Lazy hockey nicknames are bad, but they're not this bad.

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Friday, February 17, 2012


Google Earth screengrab
This will be incredibly awesome if they pull this off, especially for folks in Kitsap County who take the Bremerton and Bainbridge ferries. All four major sports (plus futbol) will be within walking distance from the ferry terminal. Maybe that'll get some more Bremerton sailings.

Anyway, yesterday was a day I didn't think would happen for a long time. They've still got a long way to go, but i'm pretty sure this is the best shot we'll get to bring back the NBA and get the NHL. For the record, I'll never turn my back on the Canucks (they've given me too many good memories while the Seattle teams have been awful or left town), but will more than gladly root for a second team for every game except the six or so per year when they face Vancouver.

What a time this is.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Going through referrer logs the past few years, it appears some of the most searched things on this site were the Google Earth screengrabs I did long ago of the 30 ballparks. Obviously, a bunch of them were outdated. Not to mention, some good folks out there have done 3D models of some of the ballparks. Go figure.

Note on a couple of the ballparks: apparently there isn’t any updated imagery in Google Earth for Target Field. What shows up is a parking lot. Google Maps tends to get updated imagery before Google Earth, however. As for the new Marlins ballpark, all the imagery shows a stadium that’s about 50% built.

Anyway, it was fun when I made the original post in 2006, so nearly six years later, here’s another...

Just like last time, I tried to get an oblique perspective and I oriented the perspective to north.


AL West
Angel Stadium of Anaheim (outside Los Angeles, CA); 3D model by jjasper123
The Coliseum (Oakland, CA); 3D model by Google 3D Warehouse
Safeco Field (Seattle, WA); 3D model by Google 3D Warehouse and Alex
Rangers Ballpark in Arlington (Texas); 3D model by Google 3D Warehouse

AL Central
US Cellular Field (Chicago, IL); 3D model by jcoreysharp
Progressive Field (Cleveland, OH); 3D model by jcoreysharp
Comerica Park (Detroit, MI); 3D model by Google 3D Warehouse
Kauffman Stadium (Kansas City, MO); 3D model by exoticcarguy
Target Field (Minnesota; Minneapolis); image via Google Maps

AL East
Oriole Park at Camden Yards (Baltimore, MD); 3D model by Google 3D Warehouse
Fenway Park (Boston, MA); 3D model by Luke Potenza
Yankee Stadium (New York; Bronx); 3D model by Luke Potenza
Tropicana Field, Saint Petersburg (FL; Tampa Bay; 3D model by Google 3D Warehouse)
Rogers Centre (Toronto, ON); 3D model by Google 3D Warehouse

NL West
Chase Field (Arizona; Phoenix); 3D model by jjasper123
Coors Field (Colorado; Denver); 3D model by Camelot
Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles, CA); 3D model by jjasper123
Petco Park (San Diego, CA); 3D model by jjasper123
AT&T Park (San Francisco, CA); 3D model by Google 3D Warehouse

NL Central
Wrigley Field (Chicago, IL); 3D model by Google 3D Warehouse
Great American Ball Park (Cincinnati, OH); 3D model by exoticcarguy
Minute Maid Park (Houston, TX); 3D model seemingly uncredited
Miller Park (Milwaukee, WI); 3D model by jcoreysharp
PNC Park (Pittsburgh, PA); 3D model by wyliepoon
Busch Stadium (Saint Louis, MO); 3D model by Google 3D Warehouse

NL East
Turner Field (Atlanta, GA); 3D model seemingly uncredited
Marlins Park (Miami, FL); image via Google Maps
Citi Field (New York; Flushing); 3D model by Chris Sardinas
Citizens Bank Park (Philadelphia, PA); 3D model by djfata
Nationals Park (Washington, DC); 3D model by Luke Potenza

Again, thanks to Google Earth along with the good folks (mouseover for credits) that bring us the imagery and the 3D models of the ballparks.

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